The Life list (2017)

So, here it is! A list of 277 things I was hoping to complete by January 2018! That deadline isn’t going to happen, I am still trying to complete all of these though!

Some things I have done before just to clarify, and I will write in more detail about all of these soon. Some are new experiences, some I just wanted to experience again. All are fun.

You may notice some of these are pretty personal, some are, frankly, odd, and most of them rely on ‘Watch        ‘. You can really tell I was struggling to come up with some ideas, and some may wonder why I didn’t stop, at oh, 100. I don’t have an answer for you.

This isn’t some big bucket list, these are just things I want to do, and putting them in list form helps me focus on them. Some I may never finish, I might start a new and better and more realistic list, but I’m still trying my hardest to finish these! This is all about enjoying the small things in life because sometimes they matter the most.

Wish me luck!

  1. Join an eating contest
  2. Drive a boat
  3. Ride in a Helicopter
  4. Go sea fishing
  5. Go to a gun range
  6. Go paintballing
  7. Go to a convention
  8. Watch IMDB’s top 250 films
  9. Listen to NME’s top 100 albums
  10. Go to 25 new restaurants
  11. Read TIME’s 100 greatest books
  12. Write a book
  13. Learn to juggle
  14. Try 10 new cocktails
  15. Handstand
  16. Visit 5 NEW cities in England
  17. Visit the HR Giger Museum in Switzerland. 
  18. See an opera performance
  19. Go to a fancy dress party
  20. Climb a mountain
  21. Dye Hair
  22. Write a comic
  23. Do archery
  24. Do a painting
  25. Learn Spanish
  26. Learn mixology
  27. Volunteer at a shelter
  28. Go on a ghost walk
  29. Learn a magic trick
  30. Go to 5 gig’s
  31. Learn to identify constellations
  32. Climb a tree
  33. Join postcrossing
  34. Get ordained
  35. Read two or more holy texts
  36. Bury a time capsule
  37. Get hypnotised
  38. Bet on a horse race
  39. See a play
  40. Go to Thorpe Park
  41. Plant a tree
  42. Go camping
  43. Watch every Disney film
  44. Watch all Hitchcock films
  45. Watch all Kubrick Films
  46. Watch all Spielberg Films
  47. Watch all James Bond films
  48. Watch all Studio Ghibli Films
  49. Make a signature drink
  50. Write a poetry book
  51. Go wine tasting
  52. Visit Scotland
  53. Visit Ireland
  54. Visit Wales
  55. Go to a music festival
  56. Make the best sandwich in the world
  57. Make a gingerbread house
  58. Go to a symphony
  59. Learn new ways to tie a tie
  60. Learn to play your favourite song on guitar
  61. Learn four songs on the keyboard
  62. Take an amazing photo and frame it
  63. Go to a sports game
  64. Go to a carboot
  65. Go to a spa
  66. Learn five yoga positions
  67. Go to a poetry reading
  68. Try 25 new recipies
  69. Play through your entire games catalogue
  70. Enter a writing competition
  71. Watch your top five favourite films again to remind yourself why you love them
  72. Watch your top five favourite TV series’, also to remind yourself why you love them!
  73. Hot air baloon
  74. Whittle something
  75. Fly a kite
  76. Write to your hero
  77. Write down your regrets, then burn them
  78. Go to the cinema alone
  79. Buy a new suit
  80. Go to a driving range
  81. Get a facial scrub
  82. Make preserves
  83. Host a games night
  84. Learn to forage
  85. Open your chakras
  86. Learn to make balloon animals
  87. Solve a Rubix cube
  88. Send a message in a bottle
  89. Go to a fun fair
  90. Make a tie dye T-Shirt
  91. Get some canvas shoes and draw on them
  92. Sleep in a hammock
  93. Skinny dip
  94. Read every Stephen King Book
  95. Watch the sun set and rise in the same day
  96. Read every Sherlock Holmes book
  97. Watch the Wire
  98. Read every James Bond book
  99. Watch 24
  100. Watch Vikings
  101. Watch Battle-star Galactica
  102. Go to the cinema 10 times
  103. Watch Full Metal Alchemist
  104. Watch Neon Genesis Evangellion
  105. Watch Cowboy Bebop
  106. Go to a new zoo
  107. Visit 5 Museums
  108. Bake a cake
  109. Complete 5 Pinterest projects
  110. Do a podcast
  111. Visit a farm
  112. Go to five new coffee shops
  113. Go to a new Aquarium
  114. Make a puppet
  115. Make a short horror film
  116. Go to an all-you-can-eat buffett
  117. Have a snowball fight
  118. Visit the Eiffell Tower
  119. Learn sign language
  120. Bake bread
  121. Learn all poker hands (Because you keep forgetting and you have no idea if you’re winning or not)
  122. Purchase some art
  123. Juice Cleanse
  124. Book a week off, buy a plane ticket the same day you leave.
  125. Make a blanket fort
  126. Run five miles without stopping
  127. Make a giant ice cream bowl
  128. Ice Skate
  129. Attend a yoga class
  130. Donate Blood
  131. Bake a gigantic cookie
  132. Go to a wrestling match
  133. Bake a pie
  134. Win in some kind of competition
  135. Learn to start a fire with no lighters
  136. Bake a pizza
  137. Zorb
  138. Stay awake for 24 hours just because
  139. Go-Kart
  140. Go crabbing and finally eat one
  141. Make a family cookbook
  142. Throw a dart at a map and go
  143. Try lobster
  144. Go kyaking
  145. Make a kid’s book
  146. Get drunk, spend £50 on something random, delete all emails, wait for early Christmas to arrive.
  147. Visit the Eden Project
  148. Visit Blackpool
  149. Find a fossil on the Jurassic coast
  150. Try Frois Gras
  151. Visit Lands End
  152. Do a WW2 tour of France 7 Belgium
  153. Visit the angel of the north
  154. Visit the Roman Baths
  155. Sing Karaoke
  156. Visit the Lock Ness
  157. Play Bingo
  158. Enter a Film Contest
  159. Buy the discographies for your top five albums and support the industry!
  160. Visit Basque
  161. Brew your own beer
  162. Learn a dance routine
  163. Create a T-Shirt
  164. Subscribe to National Geographical for a while
  165. Get that geeky tattoo you always wanted
  166. Watch 30 documentaries or more
  167. Do a 1000 Piece puzzle
  168. Set off Chinese lanterns
  169. Hold a snake
  170. Do a charity run
  171. Walk a dog
  172. Take a tour of your home city
  173. Get a blank deck of cards and fill them with quotes from your friends and family
  174. Play a table top RPG
  175. Ride an animal
  176. Win at a pub quiz
  177. Go to the circus
  178. Pick some fruit
  179. Get an engraved zippo
  180. Get Deliveroo
  181. Play some Basket Ball
  182. Get 10x large McDonald’s fries and put them in a bowl and just chow down
  183. Get a pen-pal
  184. Do stand up comedy
  185. Throw a throwing knife
  186. Hold a falcon
  187. Make a cooking show
  188. Start a blog about your travels!!
  189. Make ramen (Not the just add water stuff, but like actual)
  190. Go to Waffle House
  191. Write a song
  192. Re-read A Song of Ice and Fire
  193. Re-read Lord of the Rings
  194. Write a script
  195. Play a prank
  196. Marathon all the star wars films
  197. Throw a pie at someone
  198. Eat a gigantic full english
  199. Go to a water park
  200. Marathon ALL the Hobbit and ALL Lord of the Rings (That’s right, the extended versions of all six. Mama Wyer didn’t raise no scrub.)
  201. Host a BBQ
  202. Go to the Louvre
  203. Buy some cowboy boots
  204. Buy a harmonica
  205. La Tamotina!
  206. Buy a funny hat
  207. Watch as many Uwe Boll films as you can stomach
  208. Graffiti something
  209. Watch every Akira Kurosawa film
  210. Learn to loud whistle
  211. Lino sketch
  212. Eat the Elvis Sandwich and don’t die on the toilet (Or did he?)
  213. Make a sweet sand castle
  214. Learn how to chug a pint in under ten seconds
  215. Get your face painted
  216. Make the BEST nachos that ever were, or ever will be
  217. Get a tattoo of an animal
  218. Go on a jetski
  219. Go to Alton Towers
  220. Write your secret comic project!
  221. Explore an abandoned building
  222. Get a wet shave
  223. Visit Pleasure Wood Hills
  224. Visit the smallest pub in England
  225. Get an electric tooth brush (Because this is also a shopping list apparently)
  226. Train to the coast for a day
  227. Make your own board game
  228. Paint some fruit (On a canvas, not the actual fruit)
  229. Grind your own coffee
  230. Cross-stitch something
  231. Make an animation
  232. Write five Haiku’s
  233. Blow glass (Take it to dinner first)
  234. Go to a boxing match
  235. Apply for a reality TV show
  236. Make an art book
  237. Make pottery
  238. Learn origami
  239. Attend gay pride
  240. Buy a tweed suit
  241. Paint a film scene
  242. Buy a monocle
  243. Be part of a TV audience
  244. Make a house of cards
  245. See a 3D movie
  246. Ride in a Ferris wheel
  247. Spend £30 in a single charity shop
  248. Make ice cream
  249. Buy a cape
  250. Make Fondue
  251. Take one photograph a day and make a collage
  252. Host a dinner party
  253. Write a letter once a day for a month
  254. Make your own cheese
  255. Make fresh pasta from scratch
  256. Get a ‘humorous’ Xmas jumper
  257. Buy a house plant and don’t kill it this time
  258. Make bacon pancakes
  259. Get a Tattoo representing your favourite song
  260. Make a dinosaur T-Shirt
  261. Pick a random prompt and write a poem about it
  262. Make a picture out of pastels
  263. Buy a mask
  264. Schuck an oyster
  265. Feed the ducks
  266. Buy a paisley shirt
  267. Write a letter to your self in ten years
  268. Visit five art expeditions
  269. Buy five new ties
  270. Make a stop motionLego film
  271. Do a spontaneous road trip
  272. Make a bracelet
  273. Science Tattoo
  274. Make a ginormous stack of pancakes
  275. Try Escargo
  276. Make a clay stop motion film
  277. Have a nap in the sun 🙂

Whew! That was quite a trek! I will be updating all these, hopefully as soon as they happen, if they do.

Have you got your own list of mini goals? Big goals? Bucket list? Do you not need a list because you’re obviously not a neurotic wreck like me? Come let me know!

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